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Tigerfish Sturgeon

05:00am Monday the 6th October 2014

Here is a picture of Richard Denison in the mist with his 32lb Grass Carp. He caught it using critical balanced Tigernuts with cork in with some secret ingredients, at Bills Lake in Matougues, France.
24th October 2014  Today I have started working again on the Derbyshire Fisheries folder, and I will have that finished in the hour or two, as it just needs several fisheries details sorted at last. I made a further adjustment to the clock, and think it should display correctly on most browsers now, including older versions. I will then be doing research for the Warwickshire Fisheries and will try and get a couple listed later on.

This link only works in some browsers, but should work perfectly in chrome based browsers, it has now been rewritten from html5 to PHP. Flip Clock

I have checked the Email, and will do another check later on the Email.

23rd October 2014  Today I have finished working on the Surrey Fisheries folder, and I have also finished the Greater London Fisheries. I am starting research on the Warwickshire Fisheries. There will not be anything new in the Warwickhshire Fisheries list today, as I first need to go through my lists weeding out poor or wrong information. I will be doing the clock adjustments after midnight due to more important things I had to do when it was supposed to be done lastnight.

I have checked the Email, and will do another check later on the Email.

The Online Shop now has approx' 2000 page views per day, so that is looking good. I will find some more stuff to put in the Online Store soon, but really it would be better if you guys let me know what sort of things you are after. At present it has a approx':815 items for sale. It has been repaired by me, and security upgraded.

1st August 2012: I have checked the sites analytics, and can no longer give you statistics on visitors. Because Google made their software worse.
158 Countries have visited this website, from now it will be compiled using Flagcounter at the bottom of the page.

Have you got any pictures to do with fishing, you would like to upload to the site? They do not have to be right up to date, as long as you know what date roughly you caught them, then that will be ok. Norfolk Fishing Network not only supports Norfolk, but any other place in the World also now. If you don't see your County or Country in the picture Archive, send me a picture with the details of the fishery where you caught your fish, and if caught outside the UK, your Country, County/Province/area; with details of the fish, weight, type? If possible what bait and setup you used. In return I will make a section for your Country, right down to your town/city.