11:00am Wednesday the 23rd of July 2014

Whitby man lands potential record biggest fish on Skye An angler from Whitby has landed what could be the largest fish caught yet off Britain's shores while he was fishing on the Isle of Skye.
Dan Bennett, who was on a trip with Whitby Bass Club, took an hour to land the common skate in Kilmalaug Bay.
The fish was 88.25in (224.15cm) long and 66.75in (169.54cm) wide, with an estimated weight of 208lb (94kg).
Because it was not weighed at the scene it is likely to be listed as an unofficial British record.
The fish was returned to sea alive.
The weight of the skate was calculated from its dimensions by the Shark Trust.
Previously, the largest fish caught from British shores was a 159lb (72kg) skate reeled in on the Isle of Lewis in 1994.
In a statement on the Whitby Sea Anglers website, the bass club said Mr Bennett and his fellow members were local celebrities on Skye.
However, Mr Bennett said his girlfriend, Philippa, was less impressed.
He said: "My partner is not really that interested, but she's proud of me nonetheless.
"I think people outside the angling world find it harder to see how much of a feat this is."
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