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450 viewsThis is a picture from the wooden bridge at Santon Downham looking at the Little Ouse river from Thetford direction.
381 viewsHere is a picture of Chris Mack with huge Barbel he caught on the 12th November 2008 on the river Wensum. Weighing in at 21lb 2oz Barbel, which was awaiting a confirmation to see if it would become the Uk record, but failed due to lack of required witnesses. Still a lovely fish by anyones standards.
378 viewsHere is a picture of the pool on the Little Ouse River from Nuns Bridges to the Green Bridges, behind the Mill Pond.
355 viewsHere is a picture that was scanned from a photograph from Fendicks Fishery, of a Catfish from the Big Pit, I have no Information, on who caught it, on size, or date it was caught.
347 viewsHere is a picture of the wooden bridge at Santon Downham, from the Mundford direction, looking towards Thetford.
330 viewsHere is a picture of the 10lb Common Carp that I named Fighty, I caught it in the Small Pit at Buckenham Pits just on the outskirts of the Lillies, well all I can say is try holding this on the edge of the Lillies for 20 Minutes, what a fighter. It is one of the smaller ones, the larger ones snapped me up 6 times, and I like to think I was well geared up for that with 15lb line.
330 viewsHere is a photo taken of the Big Pit at Fendicks, which shows how flooded it was. Taken on 14th Feb 2007.
300 viewsHere is another picture I found on the Internet. Do you fancy fishing the margin? I have no idea where this is situated, just that I know many Carp fishermen would like a day here.
297 viewsHere is a picture of the Mill Pond on the River Thet.
289 viewsHere is a picture of Buckenham Pits Big Pit
276 viewsHere is a picture of one of the Green Bridges leading from the Mill Pond.
259 viewsHere is a picture of Todd Coddington with his 13lb1oz Common Carp that he caught at Woodrising Water Meadows.
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