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384 viewsThis is a picture from the wooden bridge at Santon Downham looking at the Little Ouse river from Thetford direction.
346 viewsHere is a picture of Chris Mack with huge Barbel he caught on the 12th November 2008 on the river Wensum. Weighing in at 21lb 2oz Barbel, which was awaiting a confirmation to see if it would become the Uk record, but failed due to lack of required witnesses. Still a lovely fish by anyones standards.
323 viewsHere is a picture that was scanned from a photograph from Fendicks Fishery, of a Catfish from the Big Pit, I have no Information, on who caught it, on size, or date it was caught.
309 viewsHere is a picture of the pool on the Little Ouse River from Nuns Bridges to the Green Bridges, behind the Mill Pond.
302 viewsHere is a photo taken of the Big Pit at Fendicks, which shows how flooded it was. Taken on 14th Feb 2007.
294 viewsHere is a picture of the 10lb Common Carp that I named Fighty, I caught it in the Small Pit at Buckenham Pits just on the outskirts of the Lillies, well all I can say is try holding this on the edge of the Lillies for 20 Minutes, what a fighter. It is one of the smaller ones, the larger ones snapped me up 6 times, and I like to think I was well geared up for that with 15lb line.
292 viewsHere is a picture of the wooden bridge at Santon Downham, from the Mundford direction, looking towards Thetford.
265 viewsHere is another picture I found on the Internet. Do you fancy fishing the margin? I have no idea where this is situated, just that I know many Carp fishermen would like a day here.
251 viewsHere is a picture of Buckenham Pits Big Pit
239 viewsHere is a picture of the Mill Pond on the River Thet.
228 viewsHere is a picture of Todd Coddington with his 13lb1oz Common Carp that he caught at Woodrising Water Meadows.
224 viewsHere is Fiona Glover with her 19lb8oz Common Carp that she caught at Woodrising Water Meadows. Netted just as the hook came out of it's mouth.
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