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Lyme's Disease is caused by infection from a sheep tick. It carries the bacillus Borrelia burgdorferi.

Only a small proportion of ticks actually carry the disease.

The people most at risk are those who spend time in the vicinity of sheep and deer.

These include hillwalkers, farm and forestry workers, and Anglers.

It is a serious illness and left untreated, people with the infection are at risk of later complications.And even Death.

29 October 2019

Also be very careful if fishing in the area of Thetford Forest. Public Health England (PHE) says it has confirmed cases of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) Which can harm the Brain. So pay attention to Ticks. This is the first time it has been found in the UK along with the Hampshire and Dorset Border in the South of the UK.

The disease progresses through three stages. The first stage - usually within a month of infection - produces a bulls-eye shaped rash often accompanied by joint pains and flu like symptoms.

Here is a whole collage of them as they can differ greatly, this should give you a better idea than just 1 picture.

Lyme Disease Information

The second and third stages can produce a wide range of symptoms including arthritis, serious neurological disorders, loss of memory, heart problems, meningitis and ultimately serious psychiatric disorders.

Lyme's disease can be difficult to detect both because it imitates other illnesses and because the course it takes may involve any or none of the three stages which may also overlap.

Conduct a daily body examination if operating in areas where there is a possibility that ticks exist.

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