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3 Jul 2019, 22:49

British angler John Harvey catches world's biggest carp weighing 232lbs in Thailand

AMAZED angler John Harvey has posed with his world-record catch - a Siamese carp weighing 232lbs, or 16.5 stone.

It beat the old record by 10lbs - so John, 42, celebrated by buying beers for all the other anglers at the Palm Tree Lagoon at Chedi Hak, southern Thailand.

The property investor, from Westleigh, Devon, said: "It wasn't fighting too hard, it was the weight that was the real challenge. And it was nerve-racking because I didn't want to make a mistake.

"After 80 minutes I finally brought it to the bank, and I couldn't believe my eyes.

"It was absolutely enormous, the pictures do not do it justice at all.

"When I finally brought it to the bank I couldn't believe my eyes."

John - who has lived in Pattaya, Thailand, for 14 years - added: "Being a world record holder is the only claim to fame I'll ever have.

"I've been showing everyone the pictures of the fish since I caught it.

John, centre in our picture, needed help to show off the 105.23kg giant after taking 80 minutes to reel it in Credit: Bournemouth News<

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