Norfolk Fishing Network 2004 - 2024 - New World Record Mirror Carp 108lbs



Here is a picture of Marco Eichner with a 108lb Mirror Carp. Hungary's home of giant carp, Euro-Aqua, already held the record, put pushed the boundaries for size even further when Austrian angler Marco Eichner struck lucky. "Every day I fed ten kilograms and five kilos of boilies on an area of ten square metres at a distance of 50 metres. "As bait I used a 20 mm boilie of the brand MM-baitservice, which starts working quickly in the water. "My 35 cm long leader with size 6 hooks I fished behind an 121 gram heavy inline lead. "The plan was to offer this about five metres away from the feeding place at a depth of three metres in order to catch as large a carp as possible. 'Golden tactics' for World carp record "The tactics turned out to be golden, continued Marco. "I got a timid bite, and my alarm beeped three times. I picked up the rod and started a battle of about ten minutes. "The big fish moved quietly, but finally the landing succeeded. When the carp lay in the net, we could not believe our eyes and immediately called for the owner Alexander Horvath. "When weighed the huge carp went an incredible 49 kg on the scale, a world record. This was the trip of my life! exclaimed the soldier from Vienna.

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