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176 viewsHere is a picture of Belinda Gomez, with a 12lb 7oz Green Ling Cod, which she caught at 11:45am on Sunday 4th December 2012. It was caught on a deep sea trip at La Purisima, a cape off of Santa Barbara, California, USA

187 viewsHere is a picture of Belinda Gomez with the 18lb14oz Common Carp that she caught at Oceano Lagoon, Oceano, California, USA.
May 23, 2010
141 viewsSaturday, 6th of April 2011 between 13:00 - 14:00pm.

Here is a picture of my friend Belinda with her catch a 7 - 8lb Large Mouth Bass, which she caught at Santa Margarita Lake, California, USA.
160 viewsHere is a picture of Christina Richmond with her catch of a 13lb 1oz Steelhead, which she caught using a home made Jig at 9:03 Am, on the 10th April 2011 on the Clackamas River, in Oregon, USA.

I carry the fish I caught using a handle my machinist boyfriend made for me, because I do not like to carry a fish through the mouth.
172 viewsHere is a picture Danielle Pettee with her catch of a 41 inch long Sturgeon. There are no weight details so you will have to guess the approximate size. Caught on the 25th April 2012 on the Mississippi River, Minnesota, USA.
141 viewsHere is a picture of Dee with her Yellow Perch she has caught in Oklahoma where she lives now.
151 viewsHere is a picture of Jake with a Catfish, I forget what type, but it was also caught in Oklahoma where he lives now.
188 viewsHere is a picture of 2 Bass of approximately 1lb each that Kevin Willamson caught on the same Lure. He caught them at Belton Lake, Texas, USA.
152 viewsHere is a picture of Grand Lake in Oklahoma
186 viewsFriday, 8th February 2013

Here is a picture of Danielle Pettee and her son, with a Lake Sturgeon caught by accident, as she was specifically after a catfish, using cut bait, 20 lb braid on a 24 inch ugly stick lite. It took 45 minutes to get in, and was a great fight. Then it was released back to the water. It was not weighed, but based on measurements to weight, it weighed somewhere between 103 - 113 lbs. The picture was taken at St.Croix River, Minnesota, USA.
130 viewsHere is a picture of Grand Lake in Oklahoma
160 viewsSaturday, 22 June 2013 between 14:00 - 15:00pm.

Here is a picture of Mark T Masicampo with the Common Carp weighing 14lb12oz and the setup. A Avet SXj-reel, GLoomis GL2-rod, 50 lb. Pro Braid mainline, with 10lb braid for the leader, fly-lined(no weight). Corn Tortilla for bait, on a #2 hook. This fish was "tailing" in the shallows, so I was sight fishing(Stalking), and fly-lining Tortilla bait right in his path, and it took. Caught at Atascadero Lake, Atascadero, California, USA.

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