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Not all fisherman like noise, and lots like total quiet whilst he/she is fishing, so they do not want to hear you shouting across the lake to your mates, although signaling someone for help and talking not shouting is considered to be considerate to your fellow anglers. The main reason for silence is to pursue bigger fish, that are very aware of noise.


Talking extremely loud.

Running on the bank or walking close to the water's edge.

Hammering or banging in banksticks close to the water's edge.

Loud Mobile ring tones, are enough to scare off Carp.

Any Object thrown in the water other then bait.

Try not to walk to close to the waters edge, big Carp can be in that close feeding. Instead of hammering in banksticks or brollies, walk away to a part of the water's edge quietly, where you or anyone else is not going to fish, and use a bait box to collect some water, and pour the water on the ground where you wish to place your bankstick or brollie, and let the ground soak whilst you get the rest of your setup in order to fish. Doing this is more time consuming yes, but will more then likely lead to you not uspetting the swim, hence getting bites much sooner then you would of, if you had not done this.

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