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Common Sense, or knowledge and experience?  With out doubt it is mostly common sense.

With out doubt it is mostly common sense.

Get to know your surroundings, including how deep the water is in the margins that you are fishing.

Don't enter the water if you do not know how deep it is.

Try to go fishing with a friend or someone, if not try to fish close to another angler and introduce yourself to him or her, and if you get into difficulties you know that there is someone nearby to help you

In the winter months make sure that you go prepared. Make sure you have plenty of hot drinks available as well as food, warm clothing, as well as a full change of clothing and a towel.

Keep you feet dry, wear thermal boots, if it gets too cold for you then go home.

Try to have a mobile phone with you in case of difficulties or in an emergency, the emergency

services, family, or friend is just a phone call away.

If you are using a Boat, Inflatable or as I have seen in the past swimming out in the water wear a life jacket. The reason for this is a life jacket will keep your head above water, where if you were unconcious without it, your head would more then likely be under water.It can be the difference between life and death.

Do Not climb trees as a fall can cause you serious injury or even death or death by drowning.

Do Not fish under overhead power cables especially if you are using a pole. As you may be aware most poles are made of Carbon these days and are a very good conductor of electricity ! and they are in a lot of cases long enough to reach power cables. So to be extra safe just dont fish anywhere near them.

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