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Tricks with how to use the pole, and tactics, landing fish, playing fish, striking and anything else thats helpful

Always have the pole by your side so it's easy to grab hold of at an instance. When you are playing a fish get the feel of it first by trying to steer it when it runs. Fish that feel very powerful, need immediate action. I suggest getting as much of the pole under the water, as this will greatly increase the resistance for the fish pulling, and in turn should make it opt to swim towards you.

Always try to keep the fish within a circle of about one and a half times the length of your pole, keeping it near enough to tire the fish out, while having full control.

Once you feel you have full control, you can start by taking the bottom two sections off, but keeping them in close reach. Get a feel on the pole that much shorter, and if you do not feel confident, add the sections you dismantled.

Once you are comfortable that you can manage the fish on a shorter pole, dismantle it by undoing the pole and again and having it close to hand just incase the fish tries to run, then you can slide it back on. When you want to land the fish, I suggest using just the top three sections, as this is about the size of a normal fishing rod using the same technique of steering the fish into the net, but do not take this for granted, just incase it decides to dart off. If the Fish does a runner you need to assemble the pole in accordance and maybe repeat the earlier steps all over again. It is better to be prepared than lose a big fish by taking things for granted.

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